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5 creative ways of naming your meeting rooms

Apr 3, 2021 2:45:00 PM | 5 creative ways of naming your meeting rooms

Wondering what to name your conference rooms? There are more creative ways than just calling your meeting room by numbers or by names of cities.

Wondering what to name your conference rooms?

There are more creative ways than just calling your meeting room by numbers - Meeting room 1, Meeting room 2, or by names of cities - New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong.
We found five new and exciting ways of naming meeting rooms in your office!

Here they are:

1. Get motivated!

Use the names of your company’s favorite products. If you are in the gaming industry, use the names of your game’s characters! If you are a TV production company, use the names of your shows. It is the best way of reminding your team of your products!

My Food Bag’s headquarters in Auckland

2. Get colorful!

Color is one of the easiest ways to name meeting rooms. Especially if you want to differentiate break-out spaces.
Pandora Media by Studio Architecture in Oakland, California
Pandora Oakland Headquaters

3. Get serious! (Or ironic).

Situation Room, Command Center. Big or small, your company makes important decisions every day. Let the name of the meeting room tell a story.

Groupon HQ has an incredible number (100) of meeting rooms in its building, so good naming was crucial for easy orientation among them. Here is what the "Executive Playground" meeting room looks like:

4. Get inspired!

Let everybody know about your aspirations. Does your company struggle to deliver its mission to employees? Ensure that they know your specific KPIs (1M subscribers, $70M revenue, 500 thousand downloads). You can always change it when the mission changes. How great would it feel to change a name for an even more aspirational goal once you have reached it?!

5. Get funny!

Don't be afraid to have a sense of humor! It is important to show your company's personality. Using favorite topics in your business will make it more personal and relatable. For example, Pinterest used the most looked-up searches to name their meeting rooms (Corgi, Mason Jar).

The names used at Facebook's California HQ were the winners in a vote by approximately 2000 campus employees. Many titles mix two themes, song titles and computer terms. For example, "We didn't start the firefox" is derived from Billy Joel's hit  We Didn't Start the Fire. Similarly,  Puff, the Magic Dragon, was a popular 1960s song, and the meeting room name "Puff, the magic drag-n-drop" was derived from it. One conference room is called "Charlie bit me!!!" the name of a cult 2007 YouTube video.

Stand out from "cubicle" organizations and express your corporate culture through your meeting room names. Instead of boring, hard-to-remember numbers designating your rooms ("Was it 218 or 318?"), meeting somewhere like the Bat Cave would be much easier to picture. Names tied into your corporate story make for exciting meeting starters with visitors.

When named well, meeting rooms help you deliver your message to employees and clients. They provide navigation and can also inspire - make them part of your brand story.